The Friends of the Livermore Library was formed as a non-profit corporation on October 23, 1978 by a group of eighteen city residents. The need for this non-profit originated in part from the passage of Proposition 13 which reduced funds for the support of the library. On January 31, 1979, the Articles of Incorporation were accepted and approved by the State of California and Friends of the Livermore Library (FOLL) was established with the primary purpose "to maintain an association of persons interested in books and libraries; to educate the public on library services, facilities, and needs; and to stimulate gifts of books, magazines, desirable collections, funds, endowments, and bequests."

In 1999 FOLL worked hard for passage of Bond Measure L with Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District and Livermore Area Recreation & Park District. This measure passed with 82% support and provided $20 million to build our current library.

During its forty-year existence, FOLL has given a total of $838,188 in grants to the library (Sept 1978 to June 30, 2018). These funds have been used for equipment, repairs, books, supplies, programs, awards and education. In 1981 FOLL even furnished the library with its first computer, an Apple II Plus! FOLL was instrumental in the development of Livermore’s two branch libraries with a $5,000 donation for the Springtown branch site preparation and funds for the Open-Air Library at May Nissen Park known as the “Library in a Box” which demonstrated a need for a May Nissen branch. A need for a literacy program was filled by FOLL as they provided the funds to start a literacy project known as Project Read. FOLL has contributed immensely to our community library and it all started with the passage of a proposition and eighteen residents.